Executive Coaching

Supporting you in developing your Leadership Skills and overcoming workplace challenges.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is for leaders, managers and professionals who want to improve and develop themselves in their current roles or prepare for the next career step. Coaching can support them by creating a safe space to define their goals and success, exploring the gaps between the current situation versus a desired state, planning strategies to overcome obstacles, taking active steps towards the goal, building habits, and creating accountability.

There are a number of common themes that I work with my clients on and including finding your leadership style, increasing your self-awareness, managing stakeholder relationships, effective time management, confidence, executive presence, managing teams, delegation, giving feedback, having difficult conversations, emotional regulation, managing change, strategic thinking, resilience, personal brand and work-life balance.

Benefits of Coaching

Depending upon your goals and desired outcome from the coaching process, you might expect several benefits from the experience. Often we work with coachees whose place of work will sponsor the coaching process; all of our sessions are confidential, and we will agree on the updates to any third parties. Benefits from coaching might typically include:


Creating a balance between your leadership style and your values, motivators and preferences.

Relationship Dynamics

Understanding the dynamics of tricky relationships and having the tools to manage emotions.

Navigating Change

Being able to support yourself and your team during organisational change.

The Art of Delegation

Being able to effectively delegate and empower your team, as well as being able to share constructive feedback.

Time Management

Create time for that deep-focused strategic work.

Building Relationships

Being able to build stronger relationships, networks and develop your authentic personal brand.

Building Confidence

Being more confident and not holding back during important meetings.


Creating improved focus, strategic thinking and effectiveness.

Work/ Life Balance

Improved work/ life balance by setting boundaries, the effective transition between roles and tools to frame your mindset.

Our Process

Each coaching programme is tailored to the individual coachee’s needs and vision. The programme will typically run across a 3-6 month time frame and include 6 sessions, each an hour long. Typically, We will start our process with the coachee completing a psychometric testing exercise with either Hogan Development Survey, Wave Occupational Personality test or Positive Intelligence.

Throughout the process, I will provide the coachee with articles, tools, resources and exercises to help them achieve their defined goals. There is support via email or phone in between sessions to support the coachee’s learning and to support them on their journey.

Coach & Coachee Responsibilities



“Angelika is a fantastic coach. She is warm and very insightful with her methods, which helps me find my strengths and confidence. She listens carefully, challenges me to find the real problems, helps me to make plans, and pushes me to take action to achieve my goals. During our sessions, she has helped me with my career change successfully. My life and my confidence level have also improved massively. I can’t thank Angelika enough. Highly recommend Angelika to anyone who is considering coaching services. “

Designer, Marketing


“Angelika is a compassionate, supportive and positive coach with a unique ability to spot the greatest paths of success for her clients. From coaching with Angelika, I feel I have grown from strength to strength and have been braver to take bigger and bolder career opportunities. I have gained invaluable skills; I understand myself better and my journey to become the best version of myself.”



“I can’t thank Angelika enough for our sessions. I started the journey confused and lacking in confidence and self-worth. Talking openly to Angelika felt like a relief. I feel like her approach led me to untangle my thoughts to give me a clear vision of what I wanted my professional and home life to look like. Her calm and warm demeanour put me completely at ease. I felt no judgement and supported, like I had someone else on my “team”. I finished our sessions with an increased sense of self-worth, a specific understanding of my goals and how to achieve them. I felt like a weight had been lifted. Thank you so much, Angelika! My life has completely changed for the better because of you.”

Facilities Manager


“Angelika was a massive support to me as I prepared for and embarked upon a promotion as a Head of Department in a Senior School. I was coming into the role with a sense of ‘imposter syndrome’, and I was seeking ways to build confidence in myself to develop trust and confidence in myself as a leader from my team. She is an extremely intuitive and perceptive listener and asks astute questions, leading me to devise strategies to practise. It was amazing when we came to the end of our sessions to look back and see the progress I had made, and I could not have taken those steps forward had it not been for the coaching I received from Angelika. She would be an asset to any team, employer or employee as a coach or mentor, and she has a genuine desire/vocation to see her clients grow. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services.”

School Department Head


“The personal (and professional) benefits gained from coaching with Angelika were invaluable; almost immediately, I felt relaxed with her style. The techniques she introduced me to helped me reach sound conclusions on issues I was dealing with, and I got real outcomes I could implement in my daily life. She provided a voice of reason and helped me take ownership and action for things I probably knew deep down but had buried and ignored for far too long! Thank you, Angelika, for all your support and guidance.”

Financial Accounting, Head of Learning

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